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Let me introduce myself ... Dee Stanley Long ... I'm the mother of three athletes, two of whom competed from grade school through college. That's what got me started in photography. Think about the fact that I photographed just about everyone of their events for the past 18 years. That alone makes me an expert with a camera ... and now that the kids have moved on I'm branching out into the bigger world ... literally!

Candid image 200pxMy first major in college was photo journalism, but I quickly realized that I loved photography, but was not in love with journalism ... so I changed my major to accounting (I can explain the accounting, but not now) while continuing with photography -- my first real love!

I am my family's official photographer and I enjoy capturing all of our family functions. My favorite subject is my granddaughter and have taken over 3000 photos of her. This has given me plenty of practice. The most important lesson I've learned is that the young ones are best captured in their own element while doing what they do best -- PLAYING -- at the beach, the park , or the gym.

I also love photographing scenery such as the ocean, sunsets, sunrises, landscapes and animals. This is where my interest is headed these days. I've just completed several courses to learn more about composition and light and I am truly having fun. A picture gives us joy, over and over again for a lifetime!

My photos are available to you. You can browse my albums or if you don't see what you are trying to find, then please let me know and I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.